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The Maccabee Catholic Introduction

The Maccabee Catholic

The Maccabee Catholic is the official Website of Maccabee Catholicism, a devout form of Roman/Orthodox Catholicism with an amphasis on the Old Testament and obedience to their laws. Maccabee Catholicism also both promotes and supports Christian abstinence from pork along with universal Christian male circumcision.


Greetings, Blessings, and Welcome to The Maccabee Catholic, the official Website of Maccabee Catholicism who is sponsored by the Eternal Order of St. Judas Maccabaeus, a Judeo-Christian Research Foundation. The Order of St. Judas was founded in 2010 by members of the Holy Roman Catholic Church in order to protect and preserve the Judeo-Christian tradition of the Maccabees, who were a group of devout Jewish rebels who went to war against the Greek Empire, and the Pagan 'gods' of Mt. Olympus, in the year 167 B.C. Within three years after the Rebellion of the Maccabees had begun, the forces of traditional, Orthodox Temple Judaism led by St. Judas Maccabaeus, the Hammer, had re-taken Jerusalem and cleansed the Temple of Jerusalem of any Pagan contamination by hammering the Abomination of Desolation into pieces and forever removing it from the Temple. This earth-shaking, internationally famous occurrence is still celebrated today by Jews from around the world during the 8 day winter festival called Hanukkah, which means Dedication in Hebrew.

The Judeo-Christian Menorah

The Maccabees are also celebrated and revered as Christian Saints by the many Churches of Maccabee Christianity including the Holy Roman Catholic, Orthodox Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Coptic and Ethiopian Churches. By tradition, this means that these Churches openly proclaim and declare that the Maccabees are already in the Kingdom of Heaven with God even though the Second Coming of Joshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) and the Resurrection of the Dead have yet to take place. There are approximately 15 Maccabee Saints. They include the following:

The Maccabee Cornerstone


999 - The Five Maccabee Brothers - 999
I. St. John 'the Treasure' Gaddis
II. Simon 'the Zealous Guide' Thassi
III. Judas 'the Hammer' Maccabeus
IV. Eleazar 'the Piercer' Avaran
V. Jonathan 'the Wary' Apphus

The Father: St. Mattathias the Hasmonean

777 - The Seven Holy Maccabee Martyrs - 777
I. St. Abim,
II. St. Antonius,
III. St. Guriah, Gurias
IV. St. Eleazar
V. St. Eusebon, Eusebonus
VI. St. Alim, Alimus
VII. St. Marcellus

The Mother: St. Solomonia (Hannah, Mirriam)
The Teacher: St. Eleazar


May the LORD God bless you in the name of St, Judas Maccabaeus.

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